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Dr. Danny Rutz


Just wanted to let you know that you are the best Dr Rutz - the very, very best. If you want to use this testimonial to spread the word to other folks, you have my blessings. Here's a recap of my ordeal.

Back about the middle of March 2013, I suddenly had serious back pain and in my right leg and knee. My knee felt like it had an icepick stuck in permanently. On three occasions my right leg collapsed from under me with no warning. and the leg lost a lot of strength.

I came to you and you determined that I needed some immediate and serious help. We took x-rays and you showed me that my pelvis was out of line as well as some other issues. We immediately started treatment with your clever little 'nail gun." You suggested that I come in every weekday for a couple of weeks or so. I came in every day for either two or three weeks. As the pain abated, we switched to three times a week for 3-4 weeks and then once a week for a few weeks. For the past couple of months, I've been only going once very two weeks. As of a few weeks ago, I have no pain and the strength on my right let is back to 100%.

Right after Dr Rutz's first visit, I went to my regular Doctor and told him what was going on. He suggested I get a MRI, which I did. When the MRI was ready, I took a copy of it over to an orthopedic surgeon. The surgeon and I looked at the MRI and he determined that I had a slipped disc. He immediately wanted me to have back surgery. At this time I was still suffering so we put me on his surgery schedule. Well, it was so far down the road that long before my surgery was to take place, I felt so good I cancelled the surgery.

On my next visit to my regular Doctor, I told him what was going on. He totally agreed that cancelling the surgery was a good thing as he thinks that any back surgery is a chancy thing.

In conclusion, I must highly recommend Dr Dan Rutz for back problems and caution any body about having back surgery before checking with Dr Rutz. Please understand that I know the Doctors with pills and knives are necessary for many things but they are not always the answer to body pain.

Peter C

June 24, 2013

Headaches & Upper Back Pain

The main problem I had when I first started coming to Dr. Chiarello was pain between the shoulder blades that was also causing headaches. I was in pain for approximately 4 months prior to finally coming in and getting treated. The pain hurt to just sit at my desk, a lot of pain after jet skiing, and problems sleeping. Before coming for chiropractic care I mainly just used Tylenol and heat compresses to try and get rid of the pain which were not really working.

The doctors here performed adjustments, electrical stimulation, exercises and stretching as part of my care plan. I now feel great. My headaches are gone and I am sleeping much better. The staff is friendly and helpful, also very knowledgeable.

Leann B.


Low Back Pain

My main problem when I first started coming in to see Dr. Chiarello was pain in my lower back, down one leg to my knee ( Sciatica) and also pain in my knee. The pain was excruciating! I was unable to do housework and gardening. The pain was too intense. Before coming here I used to take over-the-counter pills Advil, etc., both this did not help or did heat or ice. Although the adjustments and physical therapy for about 2 or 3 weeks was helping, I was still in pain and needed relief because it had gone on for too long. I did go to my family physician who did prescribe medication which finally took the pain away. Note: the prescription was never refilled. Also please note, I may only see my doctor once a year, if that. I am not one to go to my doctor unless I cannot take care of it myself.

The first thing Dr. Chiarello did to help me was the X-ray so I could see for myself what the problem was. The adjustments and physical therapy (stretching and the electrical stim machine) really helped me. I am now feeling 100% better.

Dr. Chiarello and the entire staff are wonderful and very caring. I have told my family members and friends if you have a problem just call and make an appointment. If you are in pain, don't wait, call and get in, you will be glad you did.

Please note: My total recovery did not occur overnight (but neither did my problem). I am now on a maintenance program so this problem and other problems that might pop up can be addressed immediately. I sure do not want to go through that pain I had again.

Linda W.


Low Back & Neck Pain

For my first visit to Dr. Chiarello, it was my last resort until I would decide whether to undergo surgery to relieve my symptoms. I was in severe lower back pain and had been for many years. I had been having neck pain that was leaving me with tingling sensations radiating down my right arm into my fingers and I was loosing the sensation in my legs to the point where I was falling going up stairs. My health was deteriorating and I was constantly being put on medication I didn't want to take for relief of pain. I had been treated for bursitis in my right hip for years with no relief.

I was being affected at work by the pain I was in. I had difficulty lifting patients without suffering back pain (I am a nurse). My ability to exercise comfortably was also affected so I had to stop. I had difficulty standing up straight and would have difficulty getting into and out of my vehicle with the pain. My right hip pain was constant and made walking very painful, limiting the amount of time I would be on my feet.

Treatments for me before coming to Dr. Chiarello were medications such as prednisone, lortab, motrin, flexeril and anti-inflammatory creams. I sought the medical advice of a neuro surgeon, orthopedic surgeon and neurologist. I had nerve tests performed, X-rays and Cat Skans taken. I was sent to the Mayo Clinic in Arizona for difficulty with my shoulder. I had cortisone injections and sent to physical therapy.

I have received adjustments, tens, neck traction, treatments on the warm water vibration table and roller table with manual massage following. I have been taught certain exercises to perform to strengthen my muscles that help with pain relief.

I feel like a new person. I have a much better quality of life. I exercise more often. I am in less pain on a daily basis now. I can now lie on my right side, which I have not been able to do for years and can walk longer distances without right hip pain.

I would recommend any one with pain issues to pursue coming to the office for a holistic method of treatment. It is a non-invasive method of treatment with a healthy way relieving pain symptoms. The staff members are very caring and concerned about my well-being. I have recommended many people I know with pain issues to come the office so they too can have a better quality of life. Surgery is not an option for me now.

Debra B.



My main problem was a splitting headache on the left side of my head and I could not move my neck from side to side. The headache lasted 30 days. Acetaminophen helped for a short period during the day, but I had pain all the time. I was having to take off from work, the pain was so bad.

I serve cocktails and could not carry my tray for very long. I could not sleep through the night and had to sleep sitting up sometimes. I was also having trouble driving. I tried over the counter pain pill until I used Acetaminophen, it allowed me to go to work then would stop working as I got off of work. I did not take the pills more than once a day. I was afraid I would get complications. The doctor helped me during my first visit, the headaches NEVER came back! My neck started to feel much better. The stretching really helped as well.

I feel wonderful now, I am back to being my old self again. The Doctor listened to me and said he would help me and he did. I tell my friends and family I love going to my chiropractor and therapy twice a week.

Deana I.


Neck Pain

I had a sharp pain in the right side of my neck when I turned my head to either the left or the right. I would wake up in the morning with severe pain in my neck. I would sometimes wake up during the night as well. It was difficult to look both ways while backing my car out of the driveway. I would try to relieve the pain with taking a hot shower. Only had temporary relief.

Adjustments and therapy have been a very major improvement. I have minimal pain coupled with much easier neck movement. The doctors (Dr. Sheldon & Dr. Chiarello), and staff have been great. Will I recommend them to others? I already have.

Duane W.


Neck & Low Back Pain

My name is Tammy. I have been a cosmetologist for 27 year's. My job and two accidents have put my neck shoulder lower back and head in major pain for about 14 years. One of my customers recommended me to Dr. Chiarello for at least 2 years trying to tell me he could help. Finally, and I mean finally I was in so much pain I listened and came down to HealthSource and it took Dr. Chiarello a few months but I'm living without pain. I never thought this would happen, but it did!!! Thanks to a great doctor, Dr. Chiarello and staff.

Tammy L.


Rotator Cuff

My experience with HealthSource Chiropractic Dr. S. has been the most workable health improvement of my life. Live a pretty active daily life with enthusiasm for going places and doing everything. Being a senior has not cramped this desire much but there are active aging processes that cannot be controlled. My treatment for a rotator cuff problem took time but it is fine now with chiropractic procedures performed at Dr. S.'s recommendation. Arthritis pain is much relieved with the treatments and therapy on my office visits. I do conserve the office visits for future ailments but not until I myself feel good again. It works; it is a pleasure to go to this office when one needs to do so; and do recommend the entire HealthSource services often to others. This is one satisfied woman!

Barbara P.

Neck Pain

"I choose Healthsource because I had chronic neck and total back pain with spasming caused by accident years ago; difficulty walking, standing, sitting, ect. for years."

"Prior to coming to Healthsource, I had tried Neurosurgeons, arthritis specialists, orthopedic specialists, tried years of therapy, and heavy medication."

"After receiving care at Healthsource, I was walking erect again, my pain lessened considerably, I had greater mobility, a higher activity level, and best of all I had virtually no prescription medications, I was introduced to a holistic approach to medicine. Thanks Dr. Steve!" Audrey W., Las Vegas

Low Back Pain/Whiplash:

"I originally started for a bad lower back and tailbone injury. Then continued for maintance from whiplash from a December 1998 auto accident. I previously tried regular chiropractic care using controversial methods which I disliked immensely."

"The Activator Method is an effective treatment for me. My tailbone and my lower back have been stabilized and requires only general maintance. My whiplash has been treated to the extent of my neck feels 100% again and I am very happy with the results! I would recommend Dr. Chiarello and his chiropractic care 100%!" Kim R., Las Vegas

Sciatica Pain:

"Sciatica pain was why I started care. The pain was mainly at night and began interfering with my sleep. I had tried some basic exercises; the trouble was I thought about doing them when I was in pain, so I couldn't do them efficiently."

"After receiving care, to this point the pain is 85% better. I no longer have problems sleeping, and the pain is more of a discomfort than acute." Dottie P., Las Vegas

Sports Injuries:

"My parents wanted me to start care because I was involved in Sport Activities and had injuries."

"I hadn't really tried anything other than my dad's famous back rubs. After care I had fewer headaches, more flexibility for sports, and less aches and pains." Chelsea R., Las Vegas