Newborn Neck Pain?

While pregnancy can bring its own set of challenges with sleep issues, morning sickness, frequent urination, sometimes heartburn, back pain and then delivery, the good news is that it's all temporary. After 9 months, there's a pretty package at the end of it all, a sweet baby to enjoy. But what about after the baby comes and you are now dealing with new physical challenges?


Many women find that after delivery sleeping again becomes a challenge. Not only are you trying to get back to how life was pre-baby, but you are trying to incorporate another human being into the whole process and it gets complicated.

One of the sleeping challenges frequently voiced is for moms who are co-sleeping or breast feeding while laying down or sitting up is neck pain and back pain.

You may want to try these tips for less strain on your neck and back:

Don't let the baby end up in your lap if you are breastfeeding. If you are sitting straight up with some support behind your back there shouldn't be enough room for the baby to rest on your legs. Instead, the baby can rest on your arm which is resting on an arm rest or a baby feeding pillow or another kind of pillow for support for you while you are holding the baby. This will reduce strain on both your back and neck.

If lying down with the baby, allow for adequate support for your back and neck so you can lay comfortably. Just like when sleeping on your own, sleeping on your side is better than sleeping on your stomach, so make sure you have a pillow firm enough to support your head and neck but not too soft, leaving your neck unsupported. If you haven't made the investment already, a firm but comfortable mattress is ideal to support your spine whether you are laying on your side or back.

Avoid unnecessary discomfort by caring for yourself so you can care for your newborn. Making a few comfortable changes may be all you need to sleep better at night and feel more like your old self during the day.