Chiropractic Care for Improved Athletic Performance


Interestingly enough, athletes who workout intensely and are in very good physical shape, tend to endure some of the most painful injuries, often choosing to suffer with the pain rather than obtain treatment.

What people are finding out, that along with treating an injury, instead of working through the pain, you get better and faster results and a more refined performance with chiropractic care.

Many athletes or athletic types have discovered that regardless of your sport or specialty, pain relief can be found through treatment.swimmer4-300x225.jpg

Even if you are not suffering from a current injury or any immediate pain, your athletic performance can be improved by attending to your past injuries, scars and tense muscles.

By restoring tissue and muscle tone, you'll notice that your muscles will be lengthened (through greater range of motion), improve stride, strength and vertical jump range. All of these actions make for a more efficient and better performing athlete. Whether you are a professional athlete, amateur athlete or a weekend performer, chiropractic care can help enhance your performance.

One of the most notable differences is in sports that require repetitive motions such as swimming, running, cycling, skating, swinging or lifting. Injuries and fatigue occur at a higher rate and in younger athletes when the same motion is being performed over and over. Getting the right chiropractic adjustment/treatment can keep injury at bay and help relieve painful injuries.

Even inflammation that occurs with overuse or repetitive motions, can bring about scar tissue development which can alter the way you use your muscles and perform in day to day activities or in a specific sport. The scar tissue can restrict your motion, reduce circulation, inhibit nerve function, lead ongoing friction and pain and unfortunately can produce more of this scar tissue which really limits athletic performance.

Now, not every injury will turn into such a performance hardship. Many injuries can heal on their own with rest, but in the case of a high performance athlete, many injuries can become reinjuries and lead to other injuries from over-compensation.

Getting an accurate evaluation from a chiropractic specialist, can help you know the extent of your injury and what treatment will be right for you.