A More Balanced You

What an immense challenge adults of all ages face these days. Balancing, family, work, hobbies and more can seem and feel impossible. But it can be done successfully with the right components.


Work at implementing these tips as they fit into your life to attain balanced success:

Have a Good Attitude. List your priorities and goals, set aside excuses and then start working with those priorities in mind.

Make Time for You. Whether you need to set aside 30 minutes in the early morning, during a lunch break or in the evening after the house is quiet, make sure you allow time for some relaxation and time to decompress.

Exercise Every Day. These may seem like a far stretch if you've never had an exercise routine before or have suffered with back pain or other injuries, but a brisk walk, rock climbing, biking, some yoga or swimming all qualify as exercise. Exercise is good to sharpen your mind mentally, release tension throughout your body physically and boost your metabolism- all for a healthier you.

Eat Healthier Foods. Just because a food is low fat doesn't mean it's healthy. Many lower fat foods are packed with preservatives and artificial ingredients. Try to eat a diet packed with whole grains, fruits, vegetables, lean meats and proteins and spices and herbs that are packed with flavor and good nutrition. When you're fueled with good foods you'll find that you function better. Your body can do what it's supposed to do more efficiently because it's focusing on keeping you moving and not processing unhealthy hard to manage foods.

Drink Your Water. Water is good for your body inside and out. Staying hydrated supports your nervous system, bones and muscles. Your skin will thank you too.

Get Enough Sleep. Getting sound sleep each night will help regenerate your body and mind. You're not just sleeping so you won't be tired the next day, your body is actually performing work and making repairs as you sleep. When you don't feel sluggish you can accomplish your goals and perform at 100% each day.

This is a great start for finding and working toward balance each day. Assimilating work, fun and family isn't difficult when you can combine some of these. Exercise with a friend or family member and do your cooking and shopping together. A healthier lifestyle doesn't mean being isolated, it's just making better choices-together.